Anda Group is a leading company specialized in the areas of fabrication and construction services for Oil, Gas, Power, Petroleum, Petrochemical sectors and other Heavy Industrial.

Oil, Petrochemical and Petroleum
Fertilizer industry

Power, Thermal Power Stations
Generating station

Electronic industry
Electroplating, Hydrometallurgy

Chlor-Alkali Industry, Paper manufacturing industry
Sea Salt, Acid, Paint producing industry

Pharmaceuticals, food industry
Acetic acid,Sugar manufacturing

Our explosion welding process, joins metal plates in a solid state while preserving the mechanical, electrical and corrosion properties of each metal. By detonating high-energy explosives, our process drives one metal into another, creating a strong metallurgical bond.

Customers often turn to explosion welding to reliably clad steel with alloy metals, such as stainless steel, brass, nickel, silver, titanium or zirconium. Our explosion welded applications are made from a wide range of compatible and non-compatible metals.

Explosion welding can withstand multiple and multiple forms of pressure processing (such as rolling, spinning, forging, extrusion and drawing, etc.), mechanical processing (such as cutting, straightening and forming, etc.), and subsequent processing such as heat treatment welding and explosive forming, without delamination and cracking.

explosion cladding materials(Plain)